If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you
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I am so incredibly blessed and happy with my life. Yes there are times of struggle, and complaining, but in the end, I am so grateful for everything I’ve experienced.

I think living your life, loving like crazy, and being spontaneous are part of being human, being a teenager.

Not many people can say they’ve been to Hawaii or Canada,
Not many girls can say they have met One Direction twice.
Not many girls can say they’ve been to 3 Jonas Brothers concerts!

I have been reminiscing lately, and all of these events are the sum of my adolescence. It’s crazy to look back, and see everything, to play one song and suddenly you’re filled with every emotion possible..

Happiness, sadness, longing, reminiscing, even anger. I never knew it was possible to feel all these feelings at once.

You may think these events are childish or unimportant, but they are part of me, part of my life. I may complain every now and again that my life is so boring and I hate my day-to-day routine. But my life is anything but ordinary.

Which leads me to the whole reason I’m posting this… The fact that I’m meeting Jensen Ackles in 19 days!!

Watching the Supernatural special tonight really touched my heart, and made me realize how much this show has changed my life. It’s not just a show, we are part of a family. Anyone who’s in a fandom knows what I’m talking about. Being obsessed with something that brings you happiness and joy seems right, seems natural. I found this show three years ago when I was vacationing in Hawaii, and I’ll never forget it.

Meeting Jensen Ackles was always a dream, I never thought it would come true. But surprise! I’m going to Chicago in two weeks! Honestly I will probably start bawling simply because they are in the same room as me!

Seeing them in person is life-changing after just seeing them on tv.

I am so truly blessed, and unbelievably grateful

Life & Fall

I have to make a life changing decision this weekend, and I just honestly have no idea what to do.
I want to move out so badly, and I found the perfect place, and I actually know one of the girls who live there.

But the room is small, and there is basically no closet, and i would literally be living paycheck to paycheck, and I’ve never had such restrictions before.
Obviously living at home I really have it made. All I pay for is rent, not food or bills.
I made out a budget and I would barely have any extra money for groceries. That just scares me. To know that I could never go out and get my nails done again, or go buy a pair of boots, or get my hair done. All of that would be gone forever. I realize that most college students my age are broke but I’ve never been this broke!

I wish I could just find a better paying job but nothing will fit with my school schedule besides the one I have.

I just don’t know. I know I want to move out, but why should I move out to be broke when I don’t even have to?

Yes it would mean suffering with my nagging and bitchy mother, but for the most part, it’s not that bad.

I honestly don’t know. I could do this, because I haven’t been independent in a long time. And I really need to get out and make some new friends.

And if I hate it, I can always move back home in May. I just don’t know. Mainly, it all comes down to the money. If I gave up my Herbalife, then I would definitely have more money and be able to afford it. But Herbalife had helped me so much! It would be so painful to give that up and disappoint all the new friends I’ve made!

If anyone has any input or advice, that would be wonderful. I’m really leaning towards just staying home because I hate taking risks. Not knowing if things will be okay is my worst fear…

I cannot believe I got to meet Framing Hanley last night!! They were soo nice and completely adorable!! Love them!!

365 Days of Music

Day Seventy

"Lollipop" by Framing Hanley

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